Who Uses CBD?

Who Uses CBD?

Who Uses CBD?

Is CBD Right for Me?

Plant based medicine has been around for thousands of years. In the past, hemp and cannabis were used in everything from ceremonies to healing remedies. However with the prohibition that lasted over 80 years in this country, CBD has only once again been readily available to the public for a few years now. Due to this prohibition and much of the misinformation spread with it, there may still be a stigma attached that would make those in need shy away from CBD. However, we are here with some great news. CBD is for everyone. It boasts relief for ailments from pain and naseau to anxiety and sleeplessness as well as numerous other health benefits. In this article we are going to explore the question, "is CBD right for me?". We here at Smooth Roots are happy to report that in short, the answer is a resounding yes!

CBD For Pain Relief 

Soreness and inflammation plaguing you? No matter if you are an athlete, construction worker, first responder or just dealing with a nagging ailment, CBD can benefit you. Using CBD for inflammation has been studied by the likes of Harvard, The European Journal of Pain, The Journal of Experimental Medicine and numerous other publications. The elderly have also began to use CBD for arthritis pain. While many still carry the stigma of prohibition, the fact that CBD is both not intoxicating or psychoactive and less harmful than NSAIDS and opiates while being able to be applied to the skin, makes it the perfect natural alternative.

CBD for Anxiety 

Over 40 million Americans report experiencing anxiety in their day to day lives. While many used to turn to benzodiazapiens and other strong narcotics, the harshness and addictive nature of these drugs can oftentimes cause more problems than they can solve. This has led to more and more people turning to CBD. With the rise in mental health issues since the Covid 19 pandemic, CBD has been proven as a safe, non habit forming alternative. It's great for those stressful work days as a small dose can knock out the anxiety without disturbing your productivity. 

According to studies conducted by Washington University and other institutions, It is also a great way to quell the compulsion and racing thoughts that many with OCD experience. When used to treat anxiety and OCD, it is best taken in either orally in a tincture, smoked using CBD flower and your favorite papers or device, or vaped. These methods all ensure the quickest delivery into your system, allowing you to quickly, safely and effectively manage your anxiety.

CBD for Sleep

According to studies, over 70 million Americans are treated for sleep issues each year. While some turn to stronger drugs such as Ambien or over the counter remedies like melatonin and antihistamines, many have found a restful nights sleep can be obtained from CBD. Many have added CBD Oil or CBD gummies to their night time routines with fantastic results. When using CBD for sleep, it is recommended that one uses a full spectrum product like the ones available at Smooth Roots. This allows users to take advantage of the enterouge effect, where cannaboids such as CBN and CBG can further aid in ensuring a restful night's sleep. Studies have also shown that CBD is an effective treatment for insomnia. Reasons like these are why everyone from doctors to teachers to parents choose to utilize CBD as part of their routine for a healthy night's sleep.

Is CBD right for you? As you can see, CBD is an all natural alternative to harmful chemicals and medications, and is made for everyone. We at Smooth Roots recommend CBD from Trichome Farms, as it's organic, lab tested, and is available in tinctures, flower, vapes or creams. The question isn't is CBD right for you, but which method is best for you!CBD oil, Hemp oil, CBD for Anxiety, CBD for Pain