About Smooth Roots CBD

Smooth Roots was founded with the belief that every individual deserves access to natural, wholesome, affordable medicine. Sourced from 100% All-Natural hemp plants, and extracted through the highest quality standards in the industry, the products that make it onto our shelves truly stand for something.

Smooth Roots CBD lab tested for purity and quality.

Lab Tested CBD.

Produce the highest quality CBD brands and products while working to further our understanding of these plants and educating our citizens on them.

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We work every day at breaking down the wall of stigma
that years of prohibition and propaganda have mislead about this plant.

- Smooth Roots Team

Our Mission.

At Smooth Roots, we are striving to offer a platform for products you can depend on. We’re never satisfied with the status quo and work effortlessly to offer the best, most cutting edge products offered from brands that put patients over profit. We strongly believe that the benefits of these plants can be used together to make strong and effective products. This is why we offer such a diverse lineup of products and is what motivates us to continually look for new approaches to alternative health.  We offer a large array of products with different extraction techniques and herbal blends for a truly individualized approach towards CBD. As cannabis professionals who truly believe in the power and effectiveness of this plant, it’s our duty to give the correct brands a spotlight.  

As this great industry of cannabis grows, far too many corporate driven entities will continue to penetrate the market with goals of profits over of people. It is our mission to make sure that this industry transforms into a flourishing network of informed consumers and morally responsible businesses. Together, we can shape the cannabis industry into a responsible, regulated industry, run by individuals rather than corporations.

100% All-Natural CBD Oil.